Publication in the Spring Magazine and fall chapbooks are only open to writers enrolled at Otterbein University (full- or part-time) at the time of submission. All submissions are blind, meaning that only the faculty advisor of Quiz & Quill knows the identities of writers and artists until after final selections are made by staff and editors. In order to maintain your anonymity during this part of the process, please do not include your name on the file containing your submission. 
Ends on October 1, 2017
Quiz & Quill’s 2017 Fall Chapbook theme is “home grown.” We encourage submissions to reflect on feelings, concepts, and/or physical embodiments of home. Other thoughts to consider: how has this place, idea, or representation of home shaped you? Have you experienced a spiritual awakening, shift in community or identity, or other transformation? Creative works of poetry, fiction, essay, and dramatic writing are welcome.
  • Each submission should be four pages or less.
  • Poetry should be single-spaced; prose double-spaced.
  • Submit your work in .doc or .docx format.
  • No more than three submissions per author; one piece of writing/submission.
  • The author's name should not appear anywhere in the piece, or in the file name of the piece.
Please note that Quiz & Quill only publishes the writing and artwork of current Otterbein University students.